Kamilya Jubran: A Powerful Voice from a Disputed Land

Kamilya Jubran is a singer and musician, born in Israel to Palestinian parents. Elias Jubran, Kamilya's father, an instrument maker and music teacher, provided her first exposure to classical Arab music.

From 1982 to 2002, Jubran was affiliated with Sabreen Group as the lead singer and Qanoon player, as well as other instruments. Together with the group she established the Sabreen Association for Artistic Development––a non-profit organization that seeks to promote art and music to the local

Since 2002, Kamilya has performed primarily as a solo vocalist and oud player, touring extensively across Europe and the Middle East to present both original and classic compositions, and to share her broader vision of contemporary Arabic song.

Kamilya Jubran’s most recent album Makan (2008) ranks among her deepest explorations of identity and place to date.

“Since my arrival to Europe over six years ago,” she writes of the album, “I have been in constant movement between different places, cities and countries. I have been sharing spaces with others, sometimes by my own choices, and at other times by obligation. I am often faced with contradictory feelings: the space I move in grows wider and bigger and possibilities multiply, whereas my private space gets narrower and narrower. I manage to find my own space, my melody. Makan was born under these circumstances.”

In the video clip to the right, Jubran discusses her influences, the role of art in her life and the importance of Muslim Voices: Arts & Ideas.

Kamilya Jubran Speaks

In this exclusive interview, listen in as Jubran recalls some of her earliest memories as a child musician, the parallel tracks of her musical and political awakening, and her search for "music that can express our identity". Featuring clips from her Asia Society performances.