Advisory Committees

To best incorporate a broad spectrum of perspectives representing the rich diversity of the Islamic world, the Asia Society, BAM and the NYU Center for Dialogues created several committees to advise in the planning process of Muslim Voices: Arts & Ideas.

Academic advisory, Cultural and Community committee members––selected from spiritual, cultural, academic, business and policy spheres in both the West and the Islamic world––provided additional project and curatorial expertise while also offering valuable feedback to ensure a project that was both representative and respectful.

Muslim Voices: Arts and Ideas is proud to have worked together with all committee members, each of whom has supported the goals and mission of this festival.

Academic Advisory Committee
Jon W. Anderson, Chair, Anthropology Department, Catholic University

Richard Bulliet (senior advisor to the NYU Center for Dialogues), Professor of History, Columbia University

Dale Eickelman, Professor of Anthropology and Human Relations, Dartmouth College

Barry Flood, Associate Professor of Art History, New York University

Michael Gilsenan, Professor of Middle Eastern Studies and Islamic Studies and Anthropology, New York University

Bruce Lawrence, Professor of Islamic Studies and Director of Duke Islamic Studies Center, Duke University

Samina Quraeshi, Harvard University Fellow; author/arts consultant (Pakistan—US)

Nasser Rabbat, Aga Khan Professor of Islamic Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ali Racy, Professor of Ethnomusicology, University of California, Los Angeles

Phillip Schuyler, Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology, University of Washington

Anthony Shay, Assistant Professor of Dance and Culture, Pomona College

Community Committee
Yousef Abdul-Samad, Dean, New Pen League for Arab Writers (Lebanon—US), New York

Amina Ahmed, Artistic Director of Exhibitions & Auctions, Indo-American Arts Council, New York

Aisha Al-Adawiya, Founder, Women in Islam, New York

Imam Shamsi Ali, Islamic Center of New York (Indonesia—US), New York

Wida Amir, Program Director, South Asian Youth Action, New York

Adem Carroll, Muslim Consultative Network, New York

Zeba Iqbal, Vice Chair, Council of American Muslim Professionals (India—US), New York

Rameen Moshref Javid, Afghan Communicator, New York

Munirah Khalifa, (Saudi Arabia—US), New York

Daisy Khan, Executive Director, American Society for Muslim Advancement, New York

Sarah Khan, Founder/Director, The Tasting Cultures Multimedia Project, New York

Select Trustees of the Islamic Center of Long Island

Imam Khalid Latif, Director, Islamic Center at New York University, New York

Sayyeda Mirza-Jafri, strategic philanthropy consultant (India/Iran—US), New York

Wael Mousfar, Arab Muslim American Federation, New York

Robina Niaz, Executive Director, Turning Point for Women and Families, New York

Asad ur Rahman, community leader (India—US), Brooklyn, New York

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, Iman Masjid Al Farah (Egypt—US), New York

Mohammad Razvi, Executive Director, Council of Peoples Organization (COPO), New York

Cultural Committee
Princess Lubna Zaki Thunayan Al-Saud, (Saudi Arabia), New York

Mahnaz Fancy, Director of Development, Alliance of Civilizations Media Fund (Pakistan—US), Brooklyn, New York

Amna Kusumo, arts consultant, Indonesia

Katherine Marshall, Senior Advisor, The World Bank

Anisa Mehdi, Emmy award winning journalist (Iraqi American), Greater New York Metro Area

Aziz Mekouar, Ambassador of Morocco to the United States

Samina Quraeshi, Harvard University Fellow; author/arts consultant (Pakistan—US)

Cynthia Schneider, Cultural Coordinator, Brookings Institute Doha initiative, former US Ambassador to the Netherlands (US)

Steven Serafin, Education & Humanities Consultant (CUNY), New York

Simon Shaheen, musician (Palestine—US), Brooklyn, New York

Faouzi Skali, Founding Director General, Fes Festival of World Sacred Music and Founding Director General, Fes Festival of International Sufi Culture (Morocco)

Amira Zahid, Founder/Trustee, Dahesh Museum (Lebanon—US), New York