Conference Footage: Welcome, Muslim Voices

In this exclusive footage to the private conference for Muslim Voices: Arts & Ideas, organized by New York University's Center for Dialogues, festival organizers Mustapha Tlili (Center for Dialogues Founder and Director), Karen Brooks Hopkins (President of BAM), and Vishakha Desai (President of Asia Society) each address gathered participants to welcome them to the conference and consider the key broader themes that are the focus of this unprecedented meeting of artists, intellectuals, and leaders of the Muslim world-- and beyond.

Continue to check back for more footage from the conference, as participants consider the relationship between the artist and society in the Muslim world, examinations of how Muslim artists fit into cosmopolitan environments, as well as the roles and responsibilities of art as a form of social commentary.

Session I: World of the Artist-Landscapes of Creativity and Art in Question
Session I: Floor Discussion

Session II: World of the Artist-Venues and Institutions
Session II: Floor Discussion

Session III: Art and Social Commentary-Transcendence and Transformation
Session III: Floor Discussion

Session IV: Art and Social Commentary-Fusion and Satire
Session IV: Floor Discussion

Session V: Cultural Exchange-Cultural Capital
Session V: Floor Discussion

Session VI: Re-Envisioning U.S. Cultural Diplomacy
Session VI: Floor Discussion

Special Dance Performance: Mugiyono Kasido

Conference Opening

In this exclusive footage, watch as the NYU Center for Dialogue's conference, "Bridging the Divide Between the United States and the Muslim World Through Arts and Ideas: Possibilities and Limitations" gets underway. Stay tuned for further excerpts.